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Atacama flowers.jpeg

Flower Paintings

My Garden

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My Garden

Yellow Hibiscus and Conch

The perfect shaped protection of the shell with the soft beauty of the flower.


Creamy Hibiscus & Shells

I’ve been painting hibiscus since I’m in highschool. I love this flowers that represent beauty, love, passion, wealth and fame.


Atacama Flowers

All of this flowers are endemic to the driest desert in the world: The Atacama. To me it shows the power and resilience of nature through beauty and softness.

Huilli- Flor de Jote & Atacamalluim.

Atacama flowers.jpeg

Arizona Cactus

Showcase the hardy spirit of the desert with this beautiful acrylic painting of the Arizona Cactus. A symbol of endurance, strength and positivity, this painting is perfect for anyone who loves the vibrant colors and unique landscape of the American Southwest. Put it on display in your home or office and feel the energy it brings to the room.


Royal Poinciana

My Royal Poinciana painting captures the essence of this powerful flower with its fiery red hues. Originally from Madagascar, this flower is a popular symbol of confidence and certainty, making it the perfect addition to any space. Hang this stunning painting on your wall to be inspired by its beauty every day.

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